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Crock-Â-Shwt is a small batch welsh pottery creating stoneware ceramics. Angharad started Crock-Â-SHwt out of her love of illustration and clay! She chooses to use bold colours and graphic imagery to create pieces which tell a story and celebrate modern ceramic surface design.


After years of experimenting and testing angharad uses sgraffito as the main design technique, sgraffito means “scratched” in Italian.


Each piece is hand thrown or hand built and hand painted with underglaze and slip before designs are scratched into the surface of the vessel and then bisque fired in a kiln. Each piece is dipped in a transparent glaze and fired again to a top temperature of 1250 degrees celsius, or cone 7, until each piece has a lovely glossy finish.


The name crock-â-shwt is a nod to angharad’s welsh heritage and family whilst reflecting the playfulness of the brand.

Shwt is a small village in South Wales where angharad’s great grandparent’s owned a farm. Her great grandmother, Winnie Watkins, would decorate the walls of her beautiful garden in colourful broken pottery!

Even the logo is steeped in nostalgia, the castle on the back of the snail is ogmore castle where angharad and her siblings grew up near and were taken often by her Nana and grandad when they were little.

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